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EDA software sales location: Shanghai - Lingang New Area

Issuing time:2022-05-12 10:19

EDA software sales

Working place: Shanghai - Lingang New Area

【Job Responsibilities】
1. Full market research, find suitable customers for sales and product promotion;
2. According to the company's strategic goals, enhance sales value and expand market share;
3. Maintain good communication with customers and grasp customer needs in real time. To provide customers with active, enthusiastic, satisfactory and thoughtful service;
4. According to the company's products, prices and market strategies, independently dispose of quotations, negotiation of contract terms, business negotiations and contract signing. In the process of executing the contract, coordinate and supervise the operation of various functional departments of the company;
5. According to the company's strategic goals, formulate sales plans and give reasonable suggestions for the allocation of technical team personnel.

【Job Requirements】
Familiar with the characteristics of the semiconductor industry, familiar with the EDA software or system sales process, familiar with semiconductor devices and processes, with semiconductor company experience, and more than 5 years of work experience in the industry.
Have good negotiation skills, analytical skills, coordination skills, communication skills, plan execution skills, and be able to withstand pressure.

Resume submission

1. Mailbox delivery: weijie@rigoron.com

2 WeChat scan code delivery:

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