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HR Manager Location: Zhangjiang, Shanghai

Issuing time:2022-05-10 14:09

HR Manager                     

Working place: Shanghai - Zhangjiang


1. According to the needs of enterprise development, coordinate and coordinate the recruitment needs of various departments and formulate recruitment plans in a timely manner

2. Comprehensively plan the company's human resources work and supervise the implementation;

3. Establish and improve the human resource management system, study the human resource management mode, and improve the human resource management system;

4. Review of various manpower statements, salary structure and optimization of various benefits;

5. Formulate and land performance appraisal plans to effectively achieve the company's purpose;

6. Maintain employee relations and properly handle disputes arising in a timely manner;

7. The training system is sound, and it is responsible for strengthening the construction of corporate culture;

8. Coordinate and manage the employee relationship between various departments of the company, and create a good corporate culture atmosphere for the realization of the enterprise goals;

9. Provide support for the development of the organization, help find and diagnose problems and assist in solving them;

10. Handling of other matters


1. Bachelor degree or above in human resources, administrative management and other related majors;

2, 3-5 years of personnel experience, more than 2 years of management experience, understand the semiconductor industry plus points;

3. Familiar with and master the knowledge of all modules of human resources, familiar with personnel laws and policies;

4. Have strong planning and implementation ability; Strong communication and coordination skills;

5. Work carefully and carefully, have a strong sense of responsibility, work steadily, steadily, have strong execution, and have affinity.

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