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C++ Software Development Engineer Location: Shanghai - Lingang New Area

Issuing time:2022-05-10 14:02

C++ Software Development Engineer              

Working place: Shanghai - Lingang New Area


Digital Circuit Design Automation (EDA) tool software platform related software development, participate in the software engineering system design, development, testing, optimization and other processes, to achieve functional module code.

The work will cover one or more directions in EDA's digital sign-off technology.


1. Bachelor degree or above in computer, software engineering, microelectronics, communications and related majors;

2. Familiar with Programming under Linux system, proficient in C/C++;

3. Proficient in basic data structures and related algorithms;

4. Have good communication skills and independent problem-solving skills, pay attention to teamwork, and be willing to share.

Resume submission

1. Mailbox delivery: weijie@rigoron.com

2 WeChat scan code delivery:

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