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EDA Software Development Engineer Location: Zhangjiang, Shanghai

Issuing time:2022-05-10 13:59

EDA Software Development Engineer         

Working place: Shanghai - Zhangjiang

Job Description:

1. Software development of digital circuit design automation (EDA) tool software platform;

2. Participate in the design, development, testing and other processes of software engineering systems;

3. Deliver the relevant modules on time.


1. Bachelor degree or above in computer, software engineering, microelectronics, communications and related majors

2. Proficient in C++, familiar with programming under Linux system, master at least one scripting language in Python/Tcl/Perl;

3. Understanding the hardware and chip design process is preferred;

4. Have good communication skills and independent problem-solving skills, pay attention to teamwork, and be willing to share.

Resume submission

1. Mailbox delivery: weijie@rigoron.com

2 WeChat scan code delivery:

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