Precise, complete and fast

Signoff analysis is an important step of the digital IC design, which does the most accurate and complete analysis for the entire chip.The TAI system performs a full range of inspections at this stage, from high-precision numerical calculations to the functions and constraints of the physical chip, quickly applying the experience of senior engineers to chip inspection. The Rigoron team has been engaged in the research and development of Signoff software for many years, developing a highly accurate and efficient computing engine, accurately locating chip problems, accelerating physical iterations, and escorting the development of ultra-large-scale high-performance SoCs, CPUs, and GPUs.

One-stop signoff

TAI system contains a complete set of signoff solutions, including timing constraint management and validation, static timing analysis, power analysis, IR-drop and other checks. After checking for errors, it provides users with corresponding solutions. With a uniformed environment, it gives unprecedented convenience for the management of the signoff progress. With an easy-to-understand command system, and intuitive graphical and textual interface, it is easy for all users to get started. Combined with professional customer support, we are committed to providing a seamless experience for all users.

PPA optimization

PPA (performance, power, area) is the objectives pursued by IC design teams, TAI system not only does high-speed analysis of all performance indicators, but also helps users to achieve PPA goals better and faster.For example, with artificial intelligence technology, deep learning has brought about epochal change, enabling expert experience to be automatically reproduced. Combining software engineering and IC technology, TAI system creatively integrates advanced technologies into the technical framework of signoff analysis to bring high value optimization results to users.





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Rigoron Software Co., Ltd. (formerly Beijing rigoron Co., Ltd.) was established in the summer of 2020. The name comes from the Rigoron Peak of Mount Tai in Dongyue, which means to create a stable EDA platform like Taishan for the whole process of digital IC design. TAI series products are committed to solving a series of signoff problems in digital chip design, and provide users with PPA intelligent optimization solutions. rigoron welcomes aspiring talents to brave the new peak of EDA products.




Opportunities for domestic EDA companies.



Domestic EDA tools will enter the field of vision of domestic Fabless, gain the opportunity to expand market share, and then get the opportunity to cooperate with fabs with advanced manufacturing proc



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Shanghai Rigoron Automation Co., Ltd. was established in April 2021, the company has obtained the investment of the domestic top semiconductor fund, since its establishment, it has been deeply cult
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